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Solution-focused healthcare in West Africa

Inspired by his personal business history and origin, Adotey Akuesson , with over 20 years of experience in Economics and IT and after having been the Director of Information Services with Michael Bloomberg for 12 Years in New York City, he has developed the idea of helping to bring solution-focused healthcare issues in West Africa. This healthcare network business methodology will build resilience, which will, in turn, is an attempt to reduce the dramatic decline in development and prevent unacceptable levels of human suffering which crisis disease and conflicts has caused. It will also simultaneously capturing a market of millions of consumers data, who yearn for better access and low cost health care services and are willing to be educated on what to purchase.

Business Model

The approach must work with two perspectives simultaneously, that is, responding to immediate needs in the short term along with mitigating the cumulative impact in the long term. 


First of all we will start by building one Major Tertiary Hospital City in the Capital city in Abidjan, and second a community health hospital of Referral Centers in the populated Abidjan Capital city of Ivory Coast once we have a successful working prototype we will expand the Referral Center across the countries and the other West African countries rapidly and immediately; Our Goal is one center every six months.


The community centers will be the platform for distribution of our services Health, Insurance, finances, data collections, and Smart Health Card etc.….

Our goal is to build Community Centers progressively across the West Africa.


We are committed to advancing medicine and improving the health of all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, geography, sex orientation or their ability to pay – by fostering groundbreaking medical research and education, delivering outstanding primary and specialty care services and building a diverse workforce in West Africa.

Help us provide primary and secondary health services to the whole community.

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