Board Members

Board Members

Mr Adotey Akuesson


Philanthropic and Entrepreneur Mr. Adotey Akuesson is the founder of the Akuesson Group and serves in the capacity of the Chairman of the group. Mr. Akuesson also serves as IT Director for Information Services with Mayors Micheal Bloomberg in New York City for 12 years from 2002 to 2013 and then for Mayors De Blasio in New York for 2 years to 2015. Throughout my career, I’ve developed an influential network of contacts in various industries including in Technology, Government and Healthcare.

Since 2015 he is focusing his time on healthcare projects that will create financial opportunities while bettering the lives of people around the world and in Africa.

Dr. Bensasson

After attending college at age 14 Dr. Bensasson went on to get degrees in psychology and Pre-med from the University of Iowa. While attending the University of Iowa Dr. Bensasson conducted research as an associate in the internal medicine department of the UIHC system, while concurrently working as an inpatient therapy aid in the psychiatric department.

After graduation Dr. Bensasson went on to co-invest and operate venture based start ups in the real estate and biotech space before shifting back into academia and attending medical school completing basic medical sciences at St. George’s University and clinical rotations at Oxford University teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom such as Stoke Mandeville, High Wycomb and, John Radcliffe.

While attending medical school Dr. Bensasson consulted for various biotech startups as well as Katalyst securities a Manhattan based investment bank focused on biotech and medtech eventually transitioning into working full time for Katalyst.

Dr. Bensasson sits on the board of a New York based IPA managing over 200 physicians in the New York area and is a cofounder of Akuesson Healthcare International, a healthcare intiative focused on reducing infant mortality in West Africa

Dr. Rizwanullah Hameed

Dr. Rizwanullah Hameed is an infectious disease specialist in Port Washington, New York and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Rawalpindi Medical College and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Mr. Robert Higgs

Founder of ISeeYouCare

Robert Higgs is the founder of ISeeYouCare, Inc. and serves in the capacity of CEO/President of the company. Mr. Higgs also holds positions of CEO/President of CSI Engineering, Inc., an international engineering company specializing in process flow technologies, and Global Care International, Inc., a global eHealth solutions provider. Additionally, Mr. Higgs has held management positions with Standard Oil of Ohio (SOHIO/BP), Contract Services, Inc., CSI Industries, Inc., Chemical Systems, Inc. and others over a thirty-five-year career.

Mr. Shivender Sofat


Shivender Sofat is the Managing Partner of Goldfine & Company CPA PC. He has over thirty years of experience in law, public accounting, and business. Also, Shivender has devoted most of his career to providing outside Financial and accounting services to publicly and closely held companies. Furthermore, his areas of expertise include real estate, business mergers, and acquisitions, federal taxation, state and local taxation, debt and equity financing, structuring of businesses and transactions, as well as third-party contracting.

Janet Ogundipe Fashakin


Lawyer since 2001,  focusing on Criminal, Family, Immigration, Foreclosure & Housing matters. Received awards as a top attorney of USA, Top 10 NYS Family law attorney, Masters degree in law, Ph.D. Scholar in Criminal Justice, Ph.D. in Divinity.

Dr. Hermann Yedoh

Regulatory Affairs Executive

Dr Hermann Yedoh is a Regulatory Affairs Executive in the pharmaceutical industry. For over 15 years, he contributed to the registration of medicines in Africa, the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Latin America. He worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi in France; for Eisai in the UK and he is now at Eisai based in the USA. He is a qualified pharmacist who also graduated from ESSEC Business School, Paris, France.

DR Abizou Tchalim

Specialist in Pediatrics

State Doctorate in Medicine from University of Sousse, Tunisia in 2003

Specialist in pediatrics since 2008 worked at BE hospital Former Director of Health Department of Kpendjal Former Director of Health Department Distrit No 3 in Lome. Currently he is Doctor pediatric at University Hospital of Lome and President NGO Medical Chanllenge Togo since 2010

Dr Jane Ehret square (1)

Dr Jane Ehret

She is chief critical care of the COVID-19 task force at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY where she is also chief of enrollment in the remdesivir clinical trial for treatment of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 positive patients. She co-authored an original research project at one of only 12 NYC level-one trauma centers, Kings County Hospital. Her project was titled “Procalcitonin Interval Likelihood Ratios in Serious Bacterial Infections.”, which was accepted for presentation at the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine’s (SAEM) annual conference (ultimately canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic). Ms. Ehret also has multiple independent publications in Swimming World Magazine where she applies medicine and science to enhancing athletic performance. 

Ms. Ehret is the former president of her school’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights and former director of IFMSA (international medical student association) committee on rights and peace. She is the founder of SGU’s Doctors Without Borders fundraiser “Hoops for Hope” for Syrian refugee relief. She has always aspired to improve global health care and help the underserved. She was elected to attend a conference in South America where medical students from around the world gathered to work together to implement the United Nation’s Sustainable Developmental Goals into medical practice world-wide. She was selected for a general surgery internship in Moscow, Russia where she completed one month of intensive surgical training. She has experience in obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine, critical care, pediatrics, psychiatry, and primary care.


Dr. Kynan Brown

Dr. Kynan Brown is completing his clinical rotations in Brooklyn, NY. He currently serves as a Chief of Evidence-Based Medicine on the Covid-19 Task Force of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, where he has designed care protocols including the hospital’s discharge criteria for Covid-19 patients. He is also a pandemic volunteer in transitional telemedicine with Kings County Hospital’s Primary Care Team. He has been invited to serve as Chief of Value-Based Medicine at All Medical Care IPA, a 200-doctor strong group affiliated with Mt. Sinai DSRIP and collaborating with NYC’s largest insurance provider, HealthFirst.

Kynan has traveled extensively, living and working throughout Asia over several years. In both Nepal and Bhutan, he designed a seven-hospital global health internship to understand local physician practices in resource-poor settings, both urban and rural, which he compared with a two-month critical care observership at Rhode Island Hospital and Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He also served as the official published Rapporteur when the Royal Government of Bhutan spearheaded an international expert working group on global health and development policy. He is a fluent French speaker and his special interests include marathon running, writing, and youth mentorship.

Dr.Hina Wazir
ECFMG Certified Physician

Dr.Hina Wazir has learnt medicine at one of the prestigious institutes of Pakistan. She was a House officer & has experience in working in General Surgery, ENT, Radiology, Internal medicine, Cardiology & pulmonology. She is a curious & passionate clinician & has post graduate clinical experience for 3 years that gave her a confidence in treating patients & helping them get back to a healthier life. She also dedicated her time to transfer skills & knowledge by teaching at different undergraduate medical institutes. With the mindset of giving back to the community, she has worked with several non-Profit organizations in the past & has provided services at underserved areas in her country.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Aziz
ECFMG , Medical Doctor

Dr. Muhammad Ali Aziz graduated from King Edward Medical University, Pakistan. He is an ECFMG certified medical doctor and is applying for a residency in the United States of America. Dr. Aziz has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations, most notably the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where he developed a passion for serving the environment and humanity. His goal now is to universalize healthcare and remove disparities in healthcare quality around the globe. Dr. Aziz’s interests include improving primary care delivery and decreasing the incidence of various end stage diseases. He envisions a world where healthcare is free and accessible for all.

Dr.Alaa Irshad
MBBS, ECFMG Certified

Dr. Alaa Irshad is a medical graduate from one of the prestigious colleges in Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, and is an aspiring applicant for medical residency training in the U.S. She has spent the last five years of her life working to gain clinical, teaching, and research experience in both her home country of Pakistan and most recently, the United States of America. She is a passionate doctor who is working towards using her professional, clinical knowledge and skills to serve the underserved and marginalized populations of the world and believes in a revolutionized healthcare system whereby state-of-the-art medical services are delivered to every deserving human being globally.

Dr. Bijay Shrestha

Dr. Bijay Shrestha graduated from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and is applying for residency in the United States of America. Dr. Shrestha has worked as a medical officer for more than two years in Nepal and has experience of working in Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Surgery, Pediatrics, and Gynae-Obstetrics. He also has experience of teaching at different undergraduate medical institutes and is actively involved in volunteering works like health camps and educating needy ones in rural areas of Nepal.

Dr. Muhammad Talha Tahir
ECFMG certified physician

Dr. Muhammad Talha Tahir graduated from the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. An ECFMG certified medical doctor aspiring to get a residency spot in the United States of America. He worked as a medical officer in cardiac ICU and CCU back in his home country and has a clinic experience of 2 years in Internal medicine. Dr. Tahir has been a part of various non-profitable trust organizations, most notably amongst them is the AKHUWAT foundation which is a micro-financing trust organization helping the poor and needy. He organized multiple healthcare seminars, awareness campaigns, and charity fundraisers during his medical career for the underprivileged community with the main aim to provide them food, shelter, and adequate healthcare facilities.
Being the president of his medical school debating society, he held various forums and utilized this opportunity to vocalize his idea of ‘Health for All’. He worked tirelessly under the banner of SPWS-services institute patient welfare society to provide healthcare services in the rural areas of his city. His main goal is to spread healthcare awareness, implementation of hygienic measures, and to encourage the concept of immunization so as to use them as a primary prevention tool in order to prevent the spread of disease while at the same time making free access to adequate healthcare facilities for all.
He is a fluent English speaker, with ample experience in the domains of internal medicine, critical care, emergency medicine, and primary care. His special interest is in cycling, playing ping pong, writing, and youth mentorship.

Dr. NiKi Shrestha

Dr. Niki Shrestha is a medical graduate from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and is applying for residency in the United States of America. She worked as a medical officer in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit in Nepal. She has been involved in organizing and volunteering in several health camps and screening programs in her country. She believes in providing equitable and effective health care to the community.

Namrata Shrestha
MBBS, ECFMG Certified, Master of Public Health

Namrata has completed her Master of Public health from University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston with an epidemiology major. She also has completed Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Kathmandu University, Nepal. She has worked as a medical officer for four years. 

She has experience in working in under served areas in Nepal and in the United States and loves working with diverse populations and learning about their culture. She is passionate about helping people and aspires to work towards making health care more accessible. She is currently working on several projects on COVID 19, asthma and HPV vaccination.  

Essenam Afuefa Adzeh
First Representative of Akuessonhi in Togo

Essenam Ahuefa Adze is Country Director of in Togo West Africa.
Born and raised in Togo she is a Longtime advocate for Mother –child and, youth empowerment development program.

Essenam is well connected and has intensive field experience in the country and West Africa

Certified in Governance and Health from USAID Global Health

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