Pediatric Care

The consultations will be provided by Pediatricians. Nursing will be provided by nurses graduated from STATE, assisted in their task by nursing assistants. 

Children whose state of health is serious will be hospitalize in the rooms reserve for this purpose.

Health Services We Provide

The private health facility in Yopougon-Niangon called “Akuesson Medical Center” (CMA), will initially provide dispensary, maternity, pediatric, neonatology, health insurance and pharmacy service. 





Cleanliness and Security

Cleanliness is provided by the hygiene officials, while surveillance is provided by the guards.

Cost of Consultations

The cost of consultations will be based on the desire to provide health care at an affordable price. Because the high price of service was an obstacle. The establishment intends to make available to targeted populations, essential medicine and health insurance at reduced prices.

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